Who We Are

We would all love to be apart of a better world, that's why at Templ we're taking a stand on carbon foot printing by the way we operate. 

Using 100% decomposable mailing bags with our packaging, 100% recycled thank you cards with soy based ink. We try our best to not over use 

our paper, that's why with the power of the internet, we will be sending you your invoice through email. Proceeds of each purchase will go 

towards helping our environment by planting trees in areas affected by deforestation around the world. We feel privileged to be in a position where

we can create amazing activewear plus help the planet. 


Our Products

We're proud to sell you a product that we've worked so hard for. Having sustainable products such as our packaging and thank you cards is only the start of what our mission is at TEMPL. Having such a close relationship to our customers, we've gained an invaluable understanding of the quality and function of the products to satisfy all kinds of needs and levels of workouts.

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